31.01.2019 - 19:00 -

Adam Smulevich's new book “Presidenti” presented in Meran

Presentation of the new book by Adam Smulevich “Presidenti – Le storie scomode dei fondatori delle squadre di calcio di Casale, Napoli e Roma”, edited by the publishing house Giuntina, with the author. The study of the journalist with Florentine roots narrates the story of three influencial protagonists of Italian football, the founders of Casale, Napoli and Roma. They became victims of antisemitism.

With Elisabetta Rossi Borenstein


27.01.2019 - 18:00 - Synagogue, via Schillerstr. 14, Meran/Merano

Katharina Adler presents her novel "Ida" at the Synagogue in Meran

Katharina Adler reads from her first novel "Ida" at the Synagogue in Meran. Katharina Adler ist the greatgranddaughter of the factory owner Philip Bauer, who, during his longer stays in Meran assumed the role of the president of the Königswarter Foundation in Meran. In this function Philip Bauer also financially contributed to the construction of the Synagogue and the Jewish sanatorium. 

The evening is dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Shoah, who were strongly connected to South Tyrol. The lecture takes place in the context of the commemorations of Meran's town administration. 

Welcome address: Joachim Innerhofer


29.10.2018 - 18:00 - Museo della Shoah, via del Portico d'Ottavia 29, Roma

Presentation of the book "Quando la patria uccide" at the Museo della Shoah in Rome

The presentation of "Quando la patria uccide" was introduced by the journalist, writer and blogger Toni Jop, born in Venice, working in Rome, but living also in Meran for many years. Contributions are made by the contemporary witnesses Cesare Finzi and Bruno Laufer, by Silvia Cevidalli, daughter of Aziadé Gabai, born in Meran in 1924, who cannot take part herself in the event, Chief rabbi Riccardo Di Segni and the authors Sabine Mayr and Joachim Innerhofer. The president of the Union of the Italian Jewish comunities Noemi Di Segni, Grazia Barbieri, Jakob De Chirico, Furio Colombo and Roberto Steinhaus, son of Federico Steinhaus, are in the audience.

Welcome address: Mario Venezia, president of the Fondazione Museo della Shoah

Link to the live transmission by the Fondazione Museo della Shoah:

 First part         Second part

Link to the article in the newspaper "Alto Adige" (9.11.2018)


04.09.2018 - 17:30 - MEIS, Via Piangipane 81, Ferrara

Presentation of the book "Quando la patria uccide" at the MEIS in Ferrara

On Tuesday, 4 September 2018, the book "Quando la patria uccide" was presented at the National Museum of Italian Judaism and of the Shoah MEIS (Museo Nazionale dell'Ebraismo Italiano e della Shoah) in Ferrara. Participation of Prof. Cesare Finzi, physician and former head of the department of cardiology at the hospital of Faenza, author and contemporary witness, the witness Bruno Laufer, whose family survived by hiding, the violinist Prof. Lydia Cevidalli, daughter of Aziadé Gabay, the girl on the book cover, born in Meran in 1924, who, like Cesare Finzi managed to survive thanks to the help and solidarity of committed persons, Maria Luisa Crosina, expert in literature and author of the book "Le storie ritrovate. Ebrei nella provincia di Trento 1938-1945", the author Sabine Mayr and Elisabetta Rossi Borenstein.

Welcome address and introduction: Dott.ssa Simonetta Della Seta, director of the MEIS


03.05.2018 - 19:00 - Kulturzentrum Anne Frank, Leopardi-Str. 31, Meran

Discussing fascisms, past and present ones

Discussion with Thomas Casagrande, Karl Pfeifer and Leopold Steurer

Presentation: Sabine Mayr and Joachim Innerhofer

Karl Pfeifer is one of the most critical Austrian journalists with a special focus on nationalism, antisemitism, remembering the Austrian past and on antifascism. Karl Pfeifer was born in 1928 in Baden. After the "Anschluss" he escaped to Hungary, where in 1940 he joined the socialist-zionist youth organisation Haschomer Hatzair. In January 1943 he managed to reach Palestine in a most adventurous way. Karl Pfeifer published the following books: „Nicht immer ganz bequem“ (1996), die Israel-Studie mit Theodor Much „Bruderzwist im Hause Israel“ (1999), „Einmal Palästina und zurück: Ein jüdischer Lebensweg“ (2013), „Immer wieder Ungarn. Autobiographische Notizen, Nationalismus und Antisemitismus in der politischen Kultur Ungarns – Texte 1979 bis 2016“ (2016).

Thomas Casagrande wrote the book "Südtiroler in der Waffen-SS. Vorbildliche Haltung, fanatische Überzeugung" (2016), which dealst with the biographies of young men from South Tyrol joining the "Waffen-SS", among them Thomas' father Otto Casagrande. Casagrande keeps visiting South Tyrol, in order to discuss his book with students. Other publications comprise: "Die volksdeutsche SS-Division 'Prinz Eugen'. Die Banater Schwaben und die nationalsozialistischen Kriegsverbrechen" (2003).

Leopold Steurer studied history, philosophy, German philology and political science at the Universities of Vienna and Bonn. From 1981 to 2010 Leopold Steurer taught history and philosophy in Bozen/Bolzano, now he is freelance publisher. His many publications include: "Südtirol zwischen Rom und Berlin 1919-1939" (1980) and "Deutsche! Hitler verkauft euch! Das Erbe von Option und Weltkrieg in Südtirol" (2010).

Link to the article "L'ombra lunga dei fascismi che intossica il Sudtirolo" by Jimmy Milanese in the daily newspaper "Alto Adige" (8 May 2018)


11.04.2018 - 17:30 - Libreria Claudiana, via Francesco Sforza 12A, Milan

Presentation of the book "Quando la patria uccide" in Milan

Acknowledging the sufferings of the victims of the Shoah, expressing solidarity to survivors, making visible former Jewish property and huge financial losses, these were the driving forces motivating Sabine Mayr and Joachim Innerhofer to compile the commemorary book „Mörderische Heimat“ and to make it available in Italian in 2016. On 11 April 2018 "Quando la patria uccide" is presented in the book shop Claudiana in Milan. With Franca Avataneo, Prof. Lydia Cevidalli, Prof. Cesare Finzi, Prof. Maurizio Goetz, Prof. Martin Langer, Eric Herzum, Roberto Weinstein and the authors Sabine Mayr and Joachim Innerhofer. Many thanks to "Nuovo Convegno - circolo ebraico milanese di cultura" for the invitation.

Address of welcome: Paola Vita Finzi

Introduction: Prof. Michele Sarfatti


23.05.2018 - 19:00 - Circolo culturale Anne Frank, via Leopardistr. 31, Meran/o

L'antisemitismo nazista in tre libri per ragazzi

"Educare all'odio" – Arnaldo Loner and Ivano Palmieri speak about children's books of the Nazi period

Welcome: Elisabetta Rossi-Borenstein
Introduction: Joachim Innerhofer, Jüdisches Museum Meran

Presentation of the book „Educare all’odio. L’antisemitismo nazista in tre libri per ragazzi“ (Cierre Edizioni, Verona, 19,50 EUR), a critical edition of three children's books of the Nazi period.